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NetHood is about bridging the digital with the physical space; sharing ideas and experiences, affirming differences; claiming our right to the hybrid city; building together local solutions for local needs, including: DIY networking, neighborhood catalysts, complementary currencies, cooperative housing, and sustainable food culture.

hybrid space

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NetHood has been founded in January 2015 as a non-profit organization based in Zurich. It participates in various projects, including the EU-funded Horizon2020 MAZI and netCommons, knowledge-exchange platforms like CROCHET, 7at7, and C4R, and various spin-offs like the L200 urban living lab and ParLa. NetHood's people are very active in organizing interdisciplinary events, writing scientific papers, reading, and giving talks in local and international forums.

(photos in this site are taken by NetHood, unless otherwise mentioned, and some are available on flickr)